Adam Kerr

UX Designer & Front-End Developer

UX Design

I’m a user experience designer based in Des Moines, Iowa. I enjoy designing and improving all aspects of the user experience.

Front-End Development

Semantic HTML, Web standards, CSS (LESS & SASS), and jQuery. A quality user experience starts with a usable interface.

Web Design

I’ve been doing web design since 2002. Over the years I have designed and coded dozens of websites for businesses of all sizes.

Recent Work

In the last several years I’ve been able to focus on improving the user experience for a couple large insurance applications.  I have worked both as a interaction designer and front-end developer to improve task flows, interaction patterns and user interfaces.

UI Frameworks

To create a consistent user experience across any medium to large size  digital project I build a UI Framework.  Frameworks lay the foundation for clean maintainable and scalable front-end code base.  I have created frameworks from scratch as well as customized popular open source frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation.

Living Style Guides

Living Style Guides are an important tool to making design decisions and communicating design and UI patterns with stakeholders and development teams.  A good style guide uses the same UI framework the development team is using enforcing consistent coding practices.

Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design is critical to great user experiences across various desktop and mobile devices.  Embracing the constraints of mobile can also force the business and design team to prioritize features and content, only including what is really necessary for users to accomplish their goals.

Wireframes & Prototypes

Wireframes & Prototypes are key to the design process of web applications and sites.  They allow for quick ideation and stockholder alignment as well as clearly communicate direction to development teams.

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